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Kit D


Both general and specific, (for the Foundry, Motor or Metal Recycling Trades), Safety Policy Kits are available, over 30 pages in total, including brief application notes. Your own Policy will end up shorter than this as the Kit is necessarily expanded to give various options for some sections, a few of which may not even be required. The policy is progressively shortened as each option is deleted.

There is a Preface along with 3 main Sections, which are set out so that you can easily size up your requirements and produce the Policy with minimal effort and to a high standard.

* Firstly, there is ‘The Statement of General Policy’, 2 pages long; all you have to do, if you agree with it, is to assign a member of staff to be your Safety Co-ordinator, and the Chairman, or MD, (or, partners), sign along the dotted line at the end.
* Secondly, there is the "Organisation Section", covered in over 7 pages, where health and safety duties and responsibilities are assigned for all employees, from the Chairman, MD or Partners down to the shop floor workers and sub-contractors. Here, once the family tree is devised, (not part of the Kit), it is easy to set out your health and safety structure, adding, combining, or omitting sections to reflect your organisational structure.
* Thirdly, there is the "Arrangements Section", covering over 15 pages, where varying options can be omitted, or copied and set out in your Policy. The sub-sections can be worded to reflect what you intend to do, "We will carry our Risk Assessments of etc", or what you have achieved, " Risk Assessments have been completed for…….."

Price: £80. (The RTF version can be loaded into virtually all PC word processors as there is no complicated formatting). NB. Some consultants charge over £1000 to produce a safety policy……..!


If you prefer, I will be able to devise a full Safety Policy for you for a total cost of £300; if you have already paid for a Safety Policy Kit but are unable or do not have the time to produce this policy, I will undertake the task for you for an additional fee of £220, making the total fee payable the same.

We will need to spend some time on the phone or by email to complete a 5 page questionnaire, as to keep the cost down, I would not normally visit you to obtain the necessary information & discuss matters or issues with you on site. However, if a site visit is preferred, it can be arranged for a small additional fee.

The fee includes printing and posting two copies of the policy to you or the policy can be emailed to you to print out instead.

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Proprietor: Andrew W Kapherr, BA (Dual Hons), CMIOSH, Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner.

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