Practical Safety Assessments

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* Please ring me on 01842 811435 or 07932 066952 or email me with your needs.
* Once we have agreed what you want, please send me a cheque made out to Andrew W Kapherr for the necessary total amount. Alternatively, you can pay online: sort code 11- 07- 77 & account no. 00278493; if paying this way, please email me to let me know.
* I will acknowledge your interest or order, &, according to your wishes, I will email you the required Kit(s) or post you the requisite CD or a pre-printed paper type Kit, usually within 7 working days. This may take a day or so longer if a special module has to be devised specially for you.
* In all cases, I will either email or attach an order payment receipt.
* Feel free to contact me at any time about your order or if you have any special Health and Safety Assessment needs. I will be happy to devise any special modules to suit your needs, either from scratch or by mixing elements from different modules.


Finally, I offer a dedicated Kit training service for any company within 70 miles of Brandon that would appreciate staff training & reassurance on how to use these Kits or on particular modules, say, fire safety or PUWER. Normally, this training is on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis as it is advisable to limit the number of persons responsible for devising & writing up safety management systems. Each trainee will need access to a PC at the visit.

Training can be requested at any time following purchase of the Kit(s) so that you can try the Kit out first & only request training if help or reassurance are needed.

I can also discuss & check the reports, leaving any suggested changes up to the client to write up, (but not for me to write up except for Safety Policies for which I make a charge of £300 alone or £220 if a Safety Policy Kit has already been purchased).

I charge a flat fee of £250 per day spent on site in addition to the Kit cost; often, only one day’s training is necessary. Follow up visits or long discussions over one hour are costed pro rata. The fee includes all mileage & other costs. However, the client is normally expected to print off copies of all forms on which it wants staff to be trained at the visit; this should not be a problem as I normally email or post the Kit in advance.


As mentioned above, I can produce a dedicated Safety Policy for companies for a flat fee of £300 or for £220 if a Safety Policy Kit has already been purchased. In order to produce these policies, I need to liaise with the client to complete a 5 page questionnaire.

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Proprietor: Andrew W Kapherr, BA (Dual Hons), CMIOSH, Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner.

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